Drug Addiction

Self Assessment Test

Drug addiction left untreated has the capacity to destroy the lives of not only the suffering addict, but all who care for that person. If drugs have started to become an issue in your life, or in the life of someone you love take our Drug Addiction Self Assessment test to determine your best a course of action in the fight against drug addiction.

The statements below require full honesty in order to achieve the most accurate results. Tick the most appropriate response to each individual statement. This short test could help you start your journey of recovery from addiction.

Have you ever taken drugs for something other than medicinal purposes?

Have you ever engaged in polydrug use (using more than one type of drug at a time)?

Do you use drugs more than once a week?

Have you ever abused prescription medications?

Have you tried to stop using a particular drug and found it difficult?

Do you experience feelings of guilt and shame when using drugs?

Are your relationships suffering because of your drug use?

Do you find it easier to be in the company of friends who use drugs than people who don’t?

Has anyone ever pointed out that your drug use may be problematic?

Has your drug use ever caused you to be violent?

Has drug use negatively impacted your ability to function at work?

Have you ever been arrested through drug use (for possession / drug driving)?

Have you ever felt physical symptoms of withdrawal when stopping your drug use?

Have you ever blacked-out through drug use?

Have you ever sought help for your drug use?

You have completed the Addcounsel Drug Addiction Test.

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