Self Assessment Test

A dependence on alcohol can go undetected for years. Perhaps because of the ready availability of alcohol, and a cultural norm of drinking to excess, it is easy to forget how addictive and damaging this substance can be. If you have concerns about your relationship with alcohol, use our Alcohol Self Assessment Test to find out if your drinking has become problematic.

The statements below require honesty in order to achieve the most accurate results. Tick the most appropriate response to each individual statement. This short test could help you on your path to recovery from alcohol.

Do you drink more than 5 times a week?

1 out of 16

When drinking, are you unable to stop after one glass?

2 out of 16

Do you drink before an event or night out?

3 out of 16

Do you drink and drive?

4 out of 16

Do you hide the amount you drink from friends and loved ones?

5 out of 16

Do you set drinking limits and find them hard to adhere to?

6 out of 16

Has anyone told you that your drinking is causing health problems?

7 out of 16

Are your personal relationships starting to suffer due to alcohol?

8 out of 16

Have you ever missed an event to stay at home and drink?

9 out of 16

Do you drink alone?

10 out of 16

Has anyone ever pointed out your that drinking may be problematic?

11 out of 16

Do you need alcohol to help you relax?

12 out of 16

Have you ever experienced a blackout due to excess drinking?

13 out of 16

Have you ever gotten angry when asked or questioned about your drinking?

14 out of 16

Does the thought of being without alcohol cause anxiety/fear?

15 out of 16

Has drinking ever interfered with your domestic or work responsibilities?

16 out of 16

You have completed the Addcounsel Alcoholism Test.

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